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Greg Lawson


Brian Gaither

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Mark Mizell


Wendell Jones


Rebecca Keel

Fireman At Large

Josh Odom

Welcome to the Board of Directors’ page for the New Market Volunteer Fire Department.  We are happy that you are using our website to become better informed about our department as we strive daily to protect lives and property in our community.  Since the inception of the New Market Volunteer Fire Department in 1973, the Board of Directors has worked diligently to protect and maintain the integrity and efficiency of our department.  The board strives each day to keep the best possible contact between the community and the personnel of this department, and we consider our community support essential to our continued operations.  


The Certificate of Incorporation for the New Market Volunteer Fire Department states that the department will be governed by the Board of Directors, which consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fire Chief, and Fireman-at-Large.  The Fire Chief and Fireman-at-Large must be active fire fighters.  Membership on the Board of Directors is by a 2/3 majority vote of the members of the department, and the term is for two years.  The President, Secretary, and Fireman-at-Large are elected one year, and the following year the Vice–President, Fire Chief, and Treasurer are elected.  The elections are held at the January meeting.  The President and Fire Chief work closely together to maintain the financial and operating stability of this department.


We, as Board of Directors, consider our firefighters, EMTs, and associate members vital to a good, sound operation, and thank each and every one very sincerely for their efforts and dedication.


We look forward to years of continued service to our community and the adjoining coverage area, and realize that this can happen only through the close interaction of the department and our community.  If we can be of assistance to anyone in our capacity as Board of Directors, please let us know.

New Market Volunteer

Fire Department

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